Belles Âmes scented candles are handmade using the finest wax and essential oils to create the most captivating scents. To make sure your candle burns beautifully we recommend you to :

- let it burn long enough to melt the entire surface on top of the candle for two to three hours the first time you light it.

- burn the candle between two to four hours at a time. Burning the candle longer could lead to the jar heating up and could damage the candle.

- re-centre the wick towards the middle once you blow the flame. Once the wax pool becomes liquid, the wick can move and fall into the wax.

- your candle should burn cleanly. Before each burn, trim the wick about 1/4 inch long to avoid smoke and get a longer burn. 

- do not burn the candle until the base when there is less than 5-6 cm of wax left

- ideally use a snuffer or dipper to put out your candle

- never leave a burning candle unattended

never move your candle while burning

- keep your candle out of reach of children and animals

- keep your candle away from anything that could catch fire

Now light your candle and let it take you to a magical place.